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Béco is not your typical retail store. Proudly selling only eco-friendly and socially responsible products, we’ve been promoting sustainability for close to 4 years now. We’re passionate about helping educate consumers that what they buy matters. At Béco, they can find items made with integrity for our planet and humankind. The products we choose to sell are organic, recyclable, upcycled, nontoxic, alternative, promote zero-waste, evoke mindfulness, or possess some combination of these criteria. Many of our products are of Québec origin, but we also carry a wide variety of Canadian and U.S. manufactured items. Any products coming from developing countries are fair trade certified, often supporting women in particular. We also love to support and promote our own local community, so enjoy an excellent working relationship with the Culinary café Le Webster, where you can find delicious vegan treats and bring your own containers for takeout!

A few of our favorite and bestselling zero-waste products are made here in Québec! Öko Creations makes organic cotton and hemp reusable makeup pad removers (totally awesome), menstrual pads, nursing pads, baby wipes, and handkerchiefs, along with a wide array of other sustainable baby items.

We also carry Credo bags, which are almost all made (with the exception of 1 item) locally in Mile End. These incredibly useful and waste destroying items include produce bags, bulk bags, and bread bags – made with organic cotton, hemp and/or organic linen. Perfect for your shopping needs at zero-waste markets and/or traditional grocery stores – you’ll be the envy of other shoppers.

Finally, how could we not mention Au Naturel soy candles? These incredibly long-burning, 100% non-GMO soy wax candles are hand-poured in the Saint-Lazare area, and are only scented with the finest essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils. Since all but the tea-lights are poured into Mason jars, you’ll have a useful container for all of your zero-waste needs when your candle is gone!


We’d love to hear from you about any zero waste products that you’d like to see us supplying. Visit becoecoboutique.com and share your thoughts! To help you achieve your zero waste goals, enjoy 25% off all zero waste products that promote this planet healthy lifestyle! (Enter coupon code “ZW25” at checkout. Valid until November 30th, 2017).

With thanks, love, and gratitude,

Loraine and the team from Béco 🙂
38, Prince Arthur street
Saint-Lambert (Montérégie), QC  J4P 1X2

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