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You want to become a partner of the Circuit Zéro Déchet and increase your visibility with the community? Know that we have reviewed our partnership offers for the better. See how you can help us spread the word throughout Quebec and beyond!

Please fill out our contact form and we will send you a quote according to your needs. Thank you!


You want to help the Circuit Zéro Déchet, but don’t necessarily have the time or the energy to go door-to-door? You can help us with a personal gift in exchange for a counterpart (see chart).

Counterparty chart (term of 1 year) :


* All our prices are taxable. Note that according to Éducaloi, sponsorships and other donations made in exchange for advertising won’t be eligible for a tax receipt. As you please, we will give you a receipt for obtaining advertising services.


Do you want to get involved in order to grow the Circuit Zéro Déchet (CZD)? Become an ambassador! To become an ambassador, you must fund the basic membership of merchants in your circle (district, city, village, neighborhood …) and distribute them free of charge the official CZD decal that will be provided to you. As an ambassador, your logo and contact information will be posted on our platform so that we can communicate with you directly. You will also receive training to effectively share project information with merchants.

Ambassadors must also ensure that merchants visibly display the official CZD decal at the container-accepting service counter or in the storefront, if their offer is larger, as well as our poster on good hygiene practices and sanitary when bringing your own container into a food store. We ask that you take a picture of the decal installed as shown below and send it to us with the membership form for identification purposes.

echoppe-3.jpgCredit : Réseau Éco-Citoyen from Saint-Lambert

We finally ask you to download our membership form and have it completed by merchants wishing to become a member. You are invited to send us the forms once completed, so that we can add participating businesses online to the list of our members and on our interactive map. This form is required to be a member.

Note: We accept all “zero waste” shops with bulk options, but also more conventional businesses such as grocery stores, fishmongers, bakeries, restaurants and even drugstores. Also note that we won’t list a company selling products that Health Canada consider “toxic” to human health or the environment, even if they’re sold in bulk, ex. : pesticides, gasoline, motor oil, etc.

As an ambassador, you have the responsibility to provide promotional agents in your area, to provide the decal (1) free of charge to the merchants, to print the poster yourself to the merchants, if they are from the food field, and provide us with the results of your steps.


On our side, we are committed to :

  • Provide you with the quantity of stickers ordered and send you all by tracked package (charges may apply)
  • Put your logo in our PARTNER section with information to reach you easily.
  • You will be entitled to a personalized publication identified on the Facebook page of the Circuit Zero Déchet.
  • For each new merchant that will join the CZD following your process (form submitted and photo support), you will be identified with our thanks in the publication of MONDAY with new members added in the previous week.


Do you want to get involved simply and as you please? Become an promotional agent and talk about the project around you! You can join active ambassadors or do it on a personal basis.

To approach a business and invite it to become a member you must :

  • Make an appointment with the shopkeeper.
  • Present the Circuit Zero Dechet by mentioning that it’s a directory and an interactive map allowing it to be spotted by the online community.
  • That he will receive a decal indicating that he accepts the containers for the service, as well as a poster concerning the basic rules of the MAPAQ to display in his shop, if it is a business with a food offer.
  • To be a member, you must complete a membership form that you will provide.
  •  To be part of the CZD, the business must accommodate a customer by letting them bring their own containers for the service (see the tutorial in our GUIDE).
  • Reassure him that he has the right to refuse a container, if he considers that it doesn’t meet standards of hygiene and sanitation.
  • If he has concerns about the MAPAQ rules, he may visit our GUIDE based on MAPAQ standards online and contact the CZD for more details.
  • Thank the shopkeeper for his time and follow up some time later to check his interest.
  • If the merchant shows interest, have him fill out the form and do not forget to write him our address to invite him to follow the CZD.


Do you want to increase your visibility? Talk about YOU in a ticket on the Circuit Zéro Déchet! In our BLOG section, we’ll publish a 350-word note about you and your company, your products and / or your services. You’ll be entitled to photos and, of course, links to your website. We’ll also share the ticket on the Facebook page of the Circuit Zéro Déchet.

Starting at $ 200 + tx.*

*the price varies according to the reputation of the company, its requirements and its specifications.


  • your products must be designed and manufactured in Quebec
    and / or made responsibly
  • your products / services must respect the environment

*Medication / Therapy – As a preventive measure, we can’t promote products / services designed to address homeopathic, holistic or traditional health issues. Thank you for your understanding.


You want to join the Circuit Zéro Déchet for your projects by becoming a collaborator? Contact us and we will take the time to look at your project and check if collaboration is possible between the parties.


All the funds collected will be used for the deployment of this project: the development of a more accessible platform, the printing of decals by Quebec companies and the management of this project. Thank you for participating in the financing of this project, it is greatly appreciated by the community!