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Amélie Crédit photo_ Mélissa de La FontaineA specialist in waste management, Amélie has been working in the field for almost 10 years. All these years of experience give her a rich knowledge of the environment and make her a reference on the subject. In July 2015, when she launched the “July without plastic” challenge, she set up the Bric à bacs blog to raise awareness and disseminate positive information on this passionate subject. Amélie also works on her own to help companies in the process of implementing waste reduction solutions and optimizing their resources.


Personnal website : Bric à bacs
Phone : 581-888-0758
Facebook : @bricabacs
Twitter : @meliecote

Medias : Comment ne pas encourager l’obsolescence programmée ? – Isabelle Maréchal 98,5 FM (22/03/2018), Le virage brun – Compostage, chaque chose à sa place – La Presse, (19/06/2017), Vivre sans plastique – Mon van au Canada, july 2016


The myths of recycling – general admission/businesses

Time : 60 min
Presented by Amélie Côté

Where does this idea come from, that the materials that are being recycled are not actually recycled? This talk presents the operation and performance of curbside recycling, the initiatives put forward to improve it, and the issues facing businesses and municipalities to ensure that materials are actually recycled.

Take action against obsolescence – general admission/businesses

Time : 60 min
Presented by Amélie Côté

What explains why the life of the things we buy is shorter than before? What are the initiatives that exist here and elsewhere to act against the phenomenon of obsolescence of products? Obsolescence is a concept that gets a lot of attention, and raises some questions about our consumption choices. Several projects aim to counter this phenomenon and, as a citizen, we have means of action to turn the tide! Sustainable consumption choices, resources to repair, legal recourse and examples of citizen initiatives : tools will be proposed to take concrete action on this subject.



MélissaCrédit photo_ Same RavenelleIt was Bea Johnson’s discovery of the Zero Waste lifestyle that launched Melissa on the same path in January 2013. Starting in 2016, she introduced the simplicity of her new way of life in several media, such as TV shows. L’Épicerie, RDI Matin and Salut Bonjour, as well as the Huffington Post and CBC Radio. Since then, Melissa offers conferences and workshops for everyone to share her experience. In her company, Le Mini-Vert, she collaborates with several influencers to set up zero waste projects that will change our collective consumption habits.


Phone : 514-776-8593
Facebook : @leminivert
Instagram : @leminivert


On the road to zero waste – individuals/school

Time : flexible
Presented by Mélissa de La Fontaine

Following the reading of Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste book, Melissa plunged headlong into this new way of life. During her conference, she will tell about her personal experience of this beautiful adventure. His successes and failures. His good and bad shots. Without pretending to hold the ultimate recipe for Zero Waste, she will share her tips and tricks as well as her thoughts on how to (over)consume.



Cindy Trottier is a mother of two young children and has been in the advertising business as a graphic designer for over 13 years. In 2013, after a revelation, she chose a minimalism lifestyle and did the leap as an entrepreneur. In 2015, she decided to immerse herself in the Zero Waste movement with her family and set up the Tendance Radis blog in order to help people from small region, like her, to facilitate their transition in this news way of life. 2017 will mark the launch of its new platform, Circuit Zero Déchet, aimed at identifying merchants compatible with the zero waste lifestyle throughout Québec. Today, in addition to sharing her experience on her blog, she offers talks and trainings, including solutions adapted to the regions, to reduce your ecological footprint.


Personnal website : Tendance Radis
Youtube : https://bit.ly/2EBF4vE
Facebook : @tendanceradis
Instagram : @tendance_radis

Medias : Dossier « Mission zéro déchet » La Presse + (01/08/2016), Documentary Parents sous observation Volet : Besoin ou Caprice? Canal Vie (11/05/2016), Émission Un après-midi d’été : 17 h 35 ICI Radio-Canada Première Toronto (15/08/2016)


A regional zero waste lifestyle – general admission

Time : 75 min +/-
Presented by Cindy Trottier only in french

In order to raise awareness and educate the public about the benefits of waste reduction, this conference is both educational and very lively. Based on her experience and her reading, Cindy brings you her point of view through crazy (but realistic) anecdotes with a totally regional flavor! The conference focuses on the impact of mismanagement of household waste and the integration of zero waste as a way of life in everyday life. It also invites people to learn about the resources available to them to dispose of their waste properly, as long as they are valued to the maximum (recycling, valorising, composting) according to their geographical situation.


Zero waste at work – businesses/individuals

Time : 90 min +/-
Presented by Cindy Trottier only in french

Reducing waste production at home is not everyone’s cup of tea. Imagine when you want to apply it to work! This conference was created to help businesses raise awareness and educate their team about the benefits of reducing waste in their workplace. The conference provides an overview of the facts and issues of some of our workplace activities and offers solutions and dice that can help reduce our environmental impact in our day-to-day lives while achieving tangible savings.

Credit : RCM Beauharnois-Salaberry , Anne Minh-Thu Quach – member of parliament from NPD in Salaberry-Suroît, Amélie Côté.