FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Our mission is to serve you well! If you have not found an answer to your questions in the GUIDE, here are some frequently asked questions that might answer them.

If a business has multiple franchises, does it have to pay for a membership by business address?

Yes. If you have a franchise business, each franchise will have to pay regardless of the other, regardless of location.

    NB: Big banners and the smallest traders too.

My business is housed in the same premises as another business already in possession of your decal in the window’s shop. Am I automatically a member of Circuit Zero Déchet and will I also have visibility on your platform?

No. To become a member, you must pay the membership and send us your membership form, even if you live in the same premises as another merchant. Every owner, every business and every franchise has to complete the membership form to have online visibility.

My business is already a zero waste grocery, am I automatically a member of the Circuit Zéro Déchet?

No. Despite the “zero waste” display of your business, you must send us your membership form and pay the fees. We will submit your business for evaluation and you will be added to our directory once you have paid your bill.

My business offers containers with our label on it for filling bulk products, but does not allow customers to bring their own containers. Can we still be part of the Circuit Zéro Déchet?

As a matter of eco-responsibility, it is our policy to require that all containers of customers are accepted by the merchant taking into account only the health of the latter, as prescribed by the MAPAQ. If you have particularities in the sale of some of your products that require, for example, a precise bottle size in milliliter, you can then require the customer to bring a container in the format required by your institution. However, it would be a shame to refuse a 500 ml container, for example, simply because it does not have your labeling (see the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act).

We still allow ourselves to evaluate your application, in the event that solutions are not possible in your case.

I brought my jug of beer from an empty microbrewery for filling at a local brewer, but he refused my jug because he had the logo and information of the original brewer. Why this refusal?

In Canada, there is the labeling law. The Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act is a regulatory statute. It requires labeling on a pre-packaged consumer product to contain accurate and sufficiently explicit information to enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. The Act prohibits the giving of false or misleading information and specifies what information must appear on the label, such as the name of the product, its net quantity and the identity of the supplier.

In order to meet these requirements, companies have the right to refuse a container with the label of another company. This is why you must remove any label, logo or information on the containers you use, if you wish to receive a service in these containers from the merchants.

I do not have Paypal to make the payment of my invoice, can I send you a check or pay via a banking institution?

Yes. You can send us a check, make a bank transfer and an Interac transfer. Please contact us so that we can accommodate you.

Does the Circuit Zéro Déchet also offer non-food businesses the opportunity to become a member?

Yes! Any company offering products in bulk or accommodating a customer by letting them bring their own containers can be part of the Circuit Zéro Déchet. We accept hair salons, health food stores, entertainment centers, pharmacies and much more!

My business sells filler products to remove harmful elements in the gardens and for the home, can I be part of the Circuit Zéro Déchet?

No. The Circuit Zéro Déchet will not encourage in any form treatments under pesticides and any other product that could be harmful or even dangerous for the environment.

Does the Circuit Zéro Déchet only allow zero waste shops? We accept all traditional shops, as well as zero waste shops.If I have only one product for sale in filling, can I be part of the Circuit Zero Déchet?

Depending on the type of business you have, we will evaluate your application. For example, it would be normal and even acceptable to take as a member a brewery that only has coffee to sell but not a large banner, offering many more products, only wanting to serve the coffee filling in the cup of their clients.

NB: The Circuit Zéro Déchet is not intended as an advertising directory, but as a place to help the zero waste community in its waste reduction approach.

Do I have to pay an annual amount as a base member to be part of the Circuit Zéro Déchet?

No. Basic membership is paid only once. Once you have paid this amount, you are a member as long as the directory exists. If you want to increase your visibility, please consult our partnership offers.

I have an online business that offers zero waste service for customers, can I be part of the Circuit Zéro Déchet?

Depending on the type of service you offer, on consignment or delivery as an example, we will evaluate your application. Please contact us about this so we can discuss it.