Our mission


Did you know that a Quebecker generates more than 700 kg of waste per year? Among this waste, on average, more than 400 kg of waste per inhabitant living in residential areas is transported to landfill sites? You will not be surprised to learn that common purchases, such as groceries, account for more than 80% of our packaging!

While some brands are enamoured with Styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic wrap, other smaller merchants try everything to reduce packaging and food waste.


Throughout the world and in Quebec, an environmental and cooperative movement was born following the publication of the best seller Zero Waste by the author Béa Johnson. At first glance, the basic rules and the tricks that the author and mother of two children presents to us are logically and disconcertingly easy.

“We bring our containers to the cutting counter for meat and cheese, we use tissue bags for fruits/vegetables/bulk products, reusable bottles for liquids and we carry everything in our large personal bags […] It’s as easy as ABC! “

In the Quebec zero waste community, among the comments that come up the most often, we note the difficulty of finding affordable shopping points. Clearly, finding these co-operative businesses on the street and online is a real challenge in itself

One thing is certain: bringing one’s own containers to buy food is one of the most important points to avoid countless waste and it is precisely here that the Circuit Zéro Déchet becomes an interesting solution!


  • Identify on the street businesses wishing to accommodate “zero waste” customers with our decal.
  • Gather online these different actors of changes in a directory and our interactive map to increase their visibility in the community.
  • Inform and educate people about hygiene and food safety related to the zero waste lifestyle using our MAPAQ-inspired guide.
  • Offer solutions to businesses and customers to help them reduce their waste.
  • Encourage the most shy people to take the first steps more easily.

The Circuit Zéro Déchet it also a service offering citizens solutions to find blogs and/or websites, or social networks to join all over Quebec to facilitate their quest for a zero-waste lifestyle!



Displaying the decal visibly in your store will allow customers to easily recognize you, YOU, our small merchants who are so precious and cooperative! So, we look forward to seeing you join the beautiful zero waste community in Quebec and thank you for contributing to this beautiful project!

Looking forward to help you!